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🎃A frightful sight day or night, our Lighted Halloween Witch Stakes are dressed all in black with faceless heads that glow and flicker in a ghastly display.

There is nothing like "Halloween" like the three people wandering in the yard on Halloween.

These witches were covered by a slender fabric, separated from each other and pressed on the ground. Connected like holding hands, passers-by will want to know what kind of spell they are casting. When the sun goes down, click the on/off switch to light up their faces, so they can call the magician!

Can emit flashes

At night, use the on/off switch to make their heads glow. Perfect to add to spooky (fun) Halloween decorations.

👻 Voice control

Install a sound sensor on the witch's head. When a person makes a sound, the witch will make a terrible sound after sensing the sound.

🦇 Use waterproof cloth

Witches are mainly used outdoors as Halloween decorations. The light in the witch's head will not go out in the rain. Our witch hat is made of waterproof fabric. Don't worry about rainy days.

🦇 Only for decoration

The witch is covered in black soft fabric, holding hands connected. Suitable for decorating a yard or house on Halloween. In particular, put them in the yard to increase the festive atmosphere.


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