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6-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer Steam
Sterilizer Food Breast Milk Feeding Heater Timer

Pay More Attention To Baby Nutrition And Health!

We put families first. This reliable baby bottle warmer is made of the high-quality BPA-free materials using cutting-edge technology to make feeding easier. Warming up breastmilk and formula requires precise temperature control to ensure that no nutritional value is lost in the heating process. With accurate, user-friendly LCD touchscreen controls, you can set the temperature, manage delayed start times, and choose from 5 convenient device functions. Now you can spend more time with your baby and less time in the kitchen!

Accurate Temperature Control, Safe Twin Bottle Warmer & Steam Sterilizer

Feeding the baby is often a hassle for most novice parents. How can they find milk of the most proper temperature to feed the hungry, crying baby? Now, Elechomes LED digit baby bottle warmer is highly recommended to allow your baby enjoy meals comfortably. It's easy to set the target temperature and time, safe and simple to use.

Your baby's safety is always our priority. Made of food grade materials, it is designed with dry protection that it can stop work if there is no or low water inside.


Enjoy Easier Life with Elechomes!

5 in 1 Warmer and Sterilizer: bottle warmer, bottle and pacifier sterilizer, formula brewer, a baby food heater, a frozen food defroster, and egg boiler.

  • Twin Bottle Design
  • Fit for Tall Baby Bottles
  • One Touch Temperature & Time Control
  • Delay Start and 24H Keep-warm
  • Quick Cleanup

Heating Time:


Keep Baby Safe from Harmful Bacteria

Brew Formula Milk Powder

The device can protect your baby from malignant germs and harmful bacteria by sterilizing baby products like milk bottles and pacifiers with high temperatures up to 212℉. Warm water and keep it warm with the bottle warmer in advance, then you can quickly brew the formula milk powder. Baby loves in-time meals.

Heat Baby Food and Food Cans

Best Gift for Novice Parents

Thanks to its wide opening, you can lay and heat the baby food with containers inside directly, much more conveniently than other kitchen appliances.  Being ready to become a qualified mom or dad? Don't worry, this baby bottle warmer is exactly right for you and a perfect gift for new mom.
About the product

[With Remote Control] The bottle warmer comes with a remote, which has 5m remote control distance in the absence of obstructions. Reducing the times you bend and protecting your spine. Put remote near the bed, you can warm milk at night without getting out of bed

[Mild Defrost without Nutrition Hurting] 35℃ low-temperature defrosting, fully retain the taste and nutrition of breast milk. When the water temperature reaches 50℃, the breast milk taken out of the refrigerator can reach 38℃-40℃ within 6 minutes. 24 hours constant temperature insulation function, you can put the left milk/breast milk into the bottle warmer and wait for the baby to be hungry and drink again

[Double Bottle Design & Timer Function] The bottle warmer on the go has large capacity design, can warm two bottles at the same time. According to the baby's biological clock, set up an appointment time to warm milk, which can warm the milk and keep the temperate before baby wake up in the night. No need waiting, baby could drink it immediately

[100°C Steam & Anti-dry function] 360° steam surrounded, 100°C steam to kill 99.9% germs. Automatic power off when water is scarce, the bottle sterilizer is safe to use

[Nice helper for parents] Comprehensive function, including reservation function, warm milk, formula, heating food supplement and so on. The baby bottle warmer is a perfect helper for parents and a great gift for baby shower.

About the speed of warm milk warm milk 
1. Protein in breast milk may be denatured at 60℃. In order not to hurt the nutrients in breast milk, the warm milk temperature should not exceed 60℃. 

2. The speed of warm milk is related to the amount and initial temperature of water and milk, and the selected heating temperature. The heating temperature is recommended to be set at 40-50℃. When the water temperature reaches 50℃, the breast milk from the refrigerator can reach 38-40℃ in 6 minutes. The amount of water is equal to the amount of milk in the bottle can heat the milk evenly. Too much water will cause the bottle to float. 

3. It takes time to heat the water. The 6 minutes we said means that the breast milk/formula can be reached within 6 minutes after the water temperature reaches 50℃. If you want to let your baby drink warm milk in 6 minutes, you could keep the machine power on. The machine has automatic thermostat function. 

4. Due to the theory of heat conduction, if the breast milk and cold water starts heating at the same time, the time required will be a little longer than heating the water alone. 

Better use of warm milk 
1.Make full use of the function of the Timer function and make an appointment for the warm milk time according to the baby's biological clock. 

2. Keep the bottle warmer energized and the machine will automatically enter the thermostat function after the warm milk is over. This way the next warm milk can shorten the waiting time for water heating. The thermostat function consumes very low power and the product has anti-dry function, which is very safe. 

3. Make full use of the remote control, easy to operate and reduce the strain on the spine 

4. The water in Chamber should be changed in two to three days to avoid the growth of microorganisms.

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