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As single-leg training can promote muscle growth and develop better muscle strength than double-leg training, as single-leg movements can stimulate more muscle fibers; if you do a single-leg squat one day, followed by a traditional double-leg squat, you're likely to break your personal best record!
  • Stronger Support Frame: Commercial-quality steel makes you not afraid of heavy weights; after hundreds of tests, this leg training machine can maintain high stability when it can withstand more than 300 lbs during training. 4 rubber bases will not cause damage to your floor. You can easily start your leg day in 15 minutes or less. You can ask Syedee any questions and we can guide you.
  • 9 Adjustable Levels for All Family Members: Simply pull the knobs and adjust the pad to the desired level. The knob is designed with a spring-loading pin which is more convenient for daily use. Adjustable roller height: 11.2" - 24.8".
  • 3 Different Training Models: Besides single-leg training, you can also use this machine for glute bridges and push-ups. More ways to exercise are waiting for you to discover!
  • Balance and Coordination Improvement: Increasing single-leg training will strengthen your balance, whether it is a sprint run or a sudden change of direction and other movements, the forces generated on both sides of the body will be more similar. The instability of standing on one leg will be able to train more small muscle groups. These benefits are not trained by conventional movements (double-legged squats).
  • Syedee is a new brand created in 2020 with a professional factory and technical team. The core concept is creating a unique "Leg Day" for customers.

Multiple Training Exercises

FOR PUSH UP              

Use as push-ups. Push-ups primarily target the chest, shoulders, and triceps, but they also engage the core and lower body muscles. They improve circulation, increase metabolism, and promote healthy hormone levels.



Use as hip thrust machine. It can help increase the strength of the hips, improve the shape of the hips, and increase the strength of the waist and legs.


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