Christmas Tree Topper Lighted with LED Rotating Colorful Snowflake


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Christmas Tree Topper Lighted with LED Rotating Colorful Snowflake Decorations Projector Snowflake Topper Night Light for Xmas Decoration

Product features:
1. LED Lights: This Christmas tree topper is equipped with LED lights that provide stunning illumination. The lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting, ensuring that your tree will sparkle throughout the holiday season.
2.Rotating Snowflake Decorations: The topper features colorful snowflakes that rotate, creating a mesmerizing effect. The rotating motion adds an extra element of beauty and movement to your Christmas tree, making it a focal point of your decorations.
3.Projector Function: This topper doubles as a night light with a built-in projector. It projects snowflake patterns onto your ceiling or wall, creating a magical ambiance in your living space. The snowflake projections can be adjusted to your desired speed and direction for a customizable experience.
4.Easy Installation: Installing the topper is hassle-free. It comes with a secure attachment mechanism that fits onto your tree's top branch. The lightweight design ensures that it stays in place without causing any damage to your tree.
5.Versatile Decoration: This topper is not limited to Christmas trees only. It can also be used as a decorative item on mantels, tabletops, or any other surface that could use a festive touch. The rotating snowflakes and colorful lights make it a versatile decoration for any holiday-themed display.

Product specifications:

Packaging Included:
1pcs Christmas tree topper


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