Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

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Color: lake blue
Specification: 45x45x20cm
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Kick back and relax after a long day in our Backrest reading pillow, ergonomically designed to support your back, upper body, and neck, it allows you to sit in bed or sofa without discomfort and enjoy your book or binge-watch-in-bed sessions with minimum pain.

Comes with practical side pockets to store your phone or TV remote control, keeping them always easy to reach, no more searching around in bed sheets wondering where the remote control is!

Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

We all know how frustrating it can be to keep scrunching up pillows to prop your back and switching angles to support your neck! Our ergonomic pillow comes with an extra attachable cushioned pillow you can adjust into 3 different positions, positioning it at the top allows you to keep your neck well supported, alleviating any pain you may usually experience. Positioning it in the middle gives your that extra upper body support, preventing you from slouching. Lastly, positioning it at the bottom helps support your lower back, relieving pressure and preventing any pain that may arise. Or if you are feeling really creative, detach the extra cushioned pillow and use it as a leg rest, as you recline on the main pillow.

Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

Available in 7 different colors, our backrest pillow will boast a chic and elegant style that will blend seamlessly with any bedroom or living room decor.

Luxury Backrest Reading Pillow

Easy-to-remove, durable & machine washable cover.

Available sizes: Length x Height x Width

18" x 18" x 8" (45 x 45 x 20cm)

24" x 20" x 8" (60 x 50 x 20cm)

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