Cordless Auto LED Light Pedal


Front Doors: 2 Pedals
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Cordless Auto LED Light Pedal- Door Lights

Make Your Car Outstanding! 

This eyes catching Auto Led Light Pedal, 2021 cordless design product, is a door lights decoration with fashion Acrylic mirror surface and rotated flashing colorful lights. It is also a pedal protection from watering and scratches as well as. 


Fashion Outlook. With polished Acrylic mirror appearance surface, covering existing scratches, Cordless Auto LED Light Pedal give your car fashion outlook.

Flashing Colorful LED. RGB multicolor Pedal light with 7colors(white, red, blue, green, yellow,

purple, ice blue) for you to choose. The dynamic LED flashing lights above the threshold make your car more beautiful and cool at night.

High Quality. Door lights are made of Acrylic & high brightness LED which is anti-corrosion and scratch-resistant.

No wiring, easy to install

Door Open/Close Sensitive. LED light up when the car door open, and turn off when the door close as well as.

Waterproof. These Cordless Auto LED Light Pedal are shielded with IP67 waterproof

Cordless. No wiring any more. Our LED pedal plate is new release cordless product. It keeps car interior neat and clear.

USB Charging. Convenient USB charging. Charging time is 2 hours charging. Once charging can be used for 3 months.

Easy to Install. Because of cordless design, the installation of door lights becomes easier than other products. Installation procedure is shown as following images.

Wrong Placement. For the LED plate is attracted by magnet, it is not recommended to cover on non-iron surface.



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