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Size: OuterDiameter - 25mm
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The item is a set of simple and practical garden hose pipe connector menders, which are mainly made of durable hard ABS plastic material, and suitable for repairing or extending water hose pipes. It can be used to repair any leaks by cutting out bad section, and joint water hose pipes to extend its length. With durable and easy to use, it is really a wonderful hose pipe mender connectors for choice.

- Color: Orange
- Material: durable hard ABS plastic.
- 100% brand new and high quality 
- Garden hose connector or mender
- Suitable for repairing or extending Standard 16/19/25MM water hose pipes  (Outer Diameter)
- Repair any leaks by cutting out bad section.
- Joins Standard 16/19/25MM garden hose pipes, to extend the length.
- Simple and practical design, and easy to use.
- Size:
The outer diameter 25mm can connect the inner diameter 25mm hose

Package Content:
1PC *  Adapter

1. Due to the light difference, the color may be slightly different.
2. Please allow slight differences due to manual measurement.

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