Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator Safe Comfortable Hygienic Silicon Nose Cleaner Aspirator


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High Quality Baby Nasal Aspirator Safe Comfortable Electric Hygienic Silicon Nose Cleaner aspirator for children Baby Kids Infants

A+ Food grade silicone soft tip,Healthier, Safer and More comfortable

A+ Food grade silicone ,Higher than market security registration,it Can be sterilized in high temperature water.

"THICK" SUCTION NOZZLE is used for cleanning deep nasal cavity.

"THIN" SUCTION NOZZLE is used for cleanning nostril.Three Leavel Of Suction

Intelligent sensing technology, blocking the backflow, avoiding the breeding of secondary bacteria

When the sensing electrode senses the liquid, it will automatically trigger the flashing reminder of the "faucet" icon in the display, and block the current, which completely solves the problem of bacterial infection due to backflow.

USB Charge Fully ,can use about 100 times

Noted ,it can't turn on when charging .

Package list:

2 x silica gel suction nozzles

2 x silica gel sealing rings( 1 large and 1 small)

1 x USB power cable

1 x warranty card

1 x QC pass card

1 x user manual


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