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Age: 0-3 months
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Between the ages of 0 and 3 is the golden age for baby brain development.Activate the baby's visual nervous system through black and white card and color card Promoting whole brain development and matching light and shade,Perception of graphics.Improve observation, curiosity, and the ability to explore .It's great for your baby's vision development and brain development!

Activity Ideas:

  •  Introduce flashcards into your baby's everyday routine to develop their eyes and brain memory, and make learning a fun part of everyday play.
  •  Communicate with them by holding the cards close to your face, and helping them track your face and hands as you move the cards.
  •  Best companion between baby nappy changes, keep your baby focused and prevent them from rolling about on the changing table.
  •  Use in between car rides as a valuable play companion.


  • 40 unique designs per set (6''x 6'') with rounded edges.
  •  Printed on thick board in large format for durability.
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients printed with food grade vegetable ink.

How to Use:
Handhold the card about 30-40 cm away from baby and move slowly to attract the eyes of baby and after baby gaze the card for 5-6 seconds then change to the next card. We recommend using 5-10 cards at a time.


Name: Visual excitation card


Paper thickness: 350 grams of green copper plate card

A volume of 20 sheets, 40 sides

Material: double - sided submembrane waterproof and non - reflective

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