Rolling Knee Pads

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Rolling Knee Pads With Wheels

The kneeling pad is an ideal tool for workers to move easily and protect their knees. Sliding kneeling pads can be widely used in installation of ceramic tiles, wood floors, carpets, car repairs, gardening, construction projects, decoration work, cement and masonry works and other works.  


The kneeling pad is made of plastic, with soft lining, comfortable to wear and durable. Adjustable straps can be comfortably fixed, reduce pressure on the back of the knee, and are easy to put on and take off.  

The rolling knee pads with wheels can effectively protect the knees, which can relieve stress and reduce the fatigue caused by kneeling work. Keep balance, The high-quality knee pads are designed with triangular vertebral bodies, which are stable in structure and can achieve greater balance, flexibility and mobility. Flexible and convenient movement, Three high-quality universal wheels are adopted, which are convenient to move, flexible to slide, save time and effort, and effectively improve work efficiency.  

Avoid pain and numbness when doing ground work! Its 360° rotating wheel allows you to cover the ground faster without pain! It also prevents back pain that consumes energy. The rollers are designed to protect you from the exhaustion of climbing from one place to another 


Material: silicone high quality plastic

color: red, yellow

Size: 31*26*10cm/12.20*10.23*3.93in

The Package Includes:

1Pair Knee Protector

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