Anti Snoring Grinding Mouthguard


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Stop snoring easily Turn on quiet sleep

Physical anti-snoring braces

Black technology to stop snoring, pure physics takes effect quickly

Food grade silicone

Safe and non-toxic, use with confidence


More comfortable to wear

Storage box storage

Hygienic and portable

Snoring like thunder Health risks

Does the snoring sound like thunder every night makes you very angry! It should be noted that this is actually a disease.

Snoring troubles and harm

*Repeated breathing pauses, causing hypoxia in the brain blood

*Cause obstructive apnea

*Easy to cause sudden death at night

*Easy to cause heart disease problems


*Affect other's sleep

Low weight and easy to use

Anti-snoring braces working principle

Open the air cavity between the lower jaw and the upper jaw to allow unobstructed breathing and solve the problem of snoring.

Causes of snoring - Airway obstruction and restricted airflow

Snoring means that during sleep, due to pharyngeal muscle relaxation, obesity, pharyngeal inflammation and other factors, when you enter deep sleep, the muscle tissues of the tougue, throat and oral roots will relax and droop, narrowing the airway, and airflow impacting the soft tissues to produce vibrations. Snoring will occur.

Reasons for stopping snoring

Open the air cavity between the upper jaw and the lower jaw to make the air flow unblocked.

Principle of action:Increase the vibration of the pharyngeal cavity and soft palate, and reduce the vortex. Allow the breathing to flow smoothly, thus relieving or eliminating snoring.

Tongue does not curl Breathing more smoothly

The double-string design prevents the tongue from curling when sleeping, which physically prevents snoring and sleeps well all night.

A snoring braces Say goodbye to snoring troubles easily

Multi-scene application, bedroom, office, dormitory, high-speed rail, airplane, car, etc., don't worry about snoring affecting others

Before use

Severe snoring, affecting yourself and your lover

After use

Quiet sleeping environment, the whole family sleep peacefully

Food grade silicone material

The cleaning head is made of soft and flexible silicone, does not damage the soft tissues of the oral cavity, is soft to the touch, and is not easily deformed after long-term use.

Skin friendly



Ergonomic design More comfortable to wear

The arc size follows the design of ergonomics and oral anatomy, fits the oral cavity, and is comfortable to wear.

Dedicated storage box Clean and hygienic

When not in use, it is placed in a dedicated storage box, which is more convenient to carry and clean and sanitary.

Use before bed Say goodbys to snoring

* Can be disinfected with alcohol or boiling water before use

Physical anti-snoring braces Two colors available

Pure white

Elegant black

Product name: Snore stopper

Product model: YJK100

Product color: White / Black

Product material: Food grade silicone

Product Size: 66*45*16mm

Instructions for use:

This product is made of food-grade silicone and is comfortable to wear. It is designed according to the shape of the teeth and has a hollow ventilation design to relieve snoring and teeth grinding. Just take this product before going to bed to bite the mouth, and place it in a special storage box when not in use. It can be disinfected with alcohol or bolling water before use.

Package Included:

1 x Anti snoring mouthpiece

1 x Protective box

1 x Instruction Manual

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