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  • Approximately 170,000 pregnant women every year are involved in a car accident in the United States alone
  • Up to 5,000 fetal losses are from car accidents every year

We’re not supposed to say it, but being pregnant isn't all rainbows and lollipops. It's tough.

Forget morning sickness and joint pain. Have you tried driving a car while you’re pregnant? It’s super fun, and easy. Note the sarcasm.


And even if you manage to get the seat belt pulled over you, do you really want a strap running right across your baby bump? We didn’t think so.


This pregnancy seat belt adjuster makes driving while pregnant easy and safe for both you and your growing baby.

Conventional seat belts may be a potential hazard to a pregnant mother and her child. In an accident, the compression force on your belly from your seat belt will be harmful to the unborn baby inside of you. The seat belt in its original form actually does more harm than good. Say NO to putting you and your child at risk.

Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster redirects the seat belt away from the belly, securing it on your legs (not across the low belly where it can injure your unborn baby). It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or accidents.

pregnancy baby safe car seat belt adjuster

Having a seat belt on during pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women. The pressure against your belly can be unhealthy for the baby, not to mention the discomfort it causes you.  the seat belt does not continually press on your belly, making your trip much more comfortable as well. It can also be used by people with abdominal obesity, post-abdominal surgeries, and after a caesarean section operation. It prevents the belt from putting pressure against painful wounds and cuts, allowing the abdominal wound to heal just as it should.


  • Safe and Comfortable Our   pregnancy seat belt positions the seatbelt across the legs, instead of over the belly. This eliminates the discomfort for growing bellies. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on the road, as well as pregnant passengers to ride more comfortably & safely.
  • Treat Yourself with a Peace of Mind With the safety future of the seat belt adjuster, you will have peace of mind knowing that your baby won’t have to experience complications due to seatbelt injuries. Definitely, the safety of your baby and a peace of mind is worth the full value of your money.
  • Bring Comfort with Safety Not only does it provides the extra mile of safety for your unborn child, but it also provides comfort, not just for pregnant women but also for postpartum mothers, patients who undergo abdomen/stomach surgeries, and such. Plus, it is also designed in a way that is not obtrusive to other passengers who like to use the standard seatbelt. You don’t need to remove the belt adjuster, and the passengers/driver won’t even notice it.
  • Free Sized  Seat belt can be fastened tightly in a car seat, it's not movable, and no matter your size, it works!

  • Perfect for Recovery Anyone who has just gone through an abdominal surgery, stomach surgery or caesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound.

 Seat Belt can be easily attached to a car seat to keep both the mother & baby comfortable, without any compromise in road safety. It adapts to securely fit seats and mothers of all shapes and sizes.


bellybelts pregnancy seat belt adjuster

1) Slide the belt adjuster between your car's seat and backrest. Ensure that the belt is not twisted or tangled.

2) Slide the adjuster's belt through the lower slot of the buckle.

3) Slide the adjuster's belt back over through the upper slot.

4) Slide the adjuster's belt through the bottom slot and tighten securely.


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