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Clean your cat litter with ShovelBag!

Premium cat litter scoop is the ultimate kitty litter scoop. It's made to be the top scooper for removing cat waste. It is strong, has a locking handle, and has a big capacity. This scoop is made of durable ABS plastic that is very simple to clean and will last a lifetime.


Amazing quality - With its ABS+PP plastic construction, the scooper is strong enough to pick up even large bits. Perfectly sized (6MM) holes allow the clean kitty litter to pass through. The integrated detachable deep cat litter shovel with the waste container is only appropriate for clumping cat litter.

Convenience - Cleaning your litter box using a scooper simply takes a few minutes and requires one hand. When completed, just remove the trash scoop from the trash can, secure the trash bag, and discard it. Families with one or two cats or kittens should be able to use a premium cat litter scoop. Cleaning the litter box every one to two days is advised. If you have particularly huge clumps, cut them in half with the side of a spoon before scooping.

Sanitary - The mess is contained by the cat litter disposal integrated system. No more spilled trash. Trash may be scooped into the bags, which are nearby, and then turned upside down without the waste falling out.

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