The Medical Sciatica And Coccyx Pain Relief Cushion Seat

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Say Goodbye To back Pain While Sitting, Without Medication!

Do you feel sore after sitting for so long on your chair? Lower back and butt pain can be unbearable at times, especially if you suffer from sciatica, coccyx, tailbone, and other back pain problems.

You often come across multiple products advertised, but you really can’t trust any solution, but the reality is that the back support cushion  is the solution of choice for many customers who trusted us and weren’t disappointed at all.



The sciatica cushion is made from soft plush and cotton and has a cloudy feeling when you sit on it.

It is a Lumbar Semi-Enclosed One Seat Cushion that is ideal for sedentary people to effectively reduce the discomfort of sitting for a long time. It helps relieve sciatica, tailbone, and other back pains.


  • Relieves sciatica and back pain
  • Protects your column
  • Improves productivity
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • For all types of seats
  • Very easy to install

Designed for optimal comfort and a fit back

Once you try this back support cushion, you’ll feel like you’re on a cloud and you’ll never want to part with it again.

It’s time to stop damaging your bones and back muscles by sitting in hardwood seats or uncomfortable armchairs that are unforgiving. Make every chair extremely comfortable, soft and comfortable for your back.

Helps relieve sciatica, coccyx and back pain

When you sit in a hard seat all day, you are more likely to experience back and buttock pain, which makes you less motivated and less productive. With Sciatica, you can sit comfortably for hours and get up without any pain, feeling better than ever!

Stop feeling that terrible back pain after sitting for long hours. Imagine being able to sit for long periods of time with the feeling of sitting on a cloud. Due to this great back support cushion your life would only get better, wouldn’t it?


Your health is priceless and you really need to take care of it

Taking care of your back is essential to avoid low back pain and other concerns that can worsen over time. Therefore, it is essential to take care of your posture on a daily basis and the Sciatica cushion will help you immensely, as it has done for tens of thousands of other people.

A quality companion who will take care of you

Sciatica cushions have undergone extensive testing to ensure outstanding quality and longevity. When you order yours, you are guaranteed to have a cushion that will be with you for a very long time and that will help you protect and relieve your back. Sciatica cushions are environmentally friendly, easy to transport, and made of cotton and polyester with memory foam and a quality tie strap. They are compatible with chairs, armchairs, sofas, cars, wheelchairs and can even be placed on the bed.

An indescribable pleasure

Soft and firm at the same time, your Sciatica cushion will perfectly and harmoniously fit your body. It will give your sitting experience the best possible and will be the ultimate solution to prevent future injuries, while promoting good posture and a straight spine, even during long hours of sitting.


Size: 18x18in / 45x45cm

Material:  PP+Crystal Velvet

Package Includes

1x Medical Seat Cushion
Perfect Fit With Any Kinds of Chairs! Take A Good Rest Everywhere!

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