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Do you want to have more control while training your dog?

It's easier and safer than ever! This fully waterproof e-collar is very popular with dog trainers and pet owners alike.

The training systems will help you to control and train your dog with an upgraded range of 800yrds!

Dogs are practically our companions, we all want them to be well behaved or obey certain commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come” and so on. But most importantly, we want our dog to be safe. And dog training collar is the ultimate solution. 

This Innovative Dog Training E-collar is completely waterproof and the receiver is also water-resistant this lets your pet swim or walk in the rain without damaging the collar. It isthe best tool to make walks with your pet comfortable and pleasant, without jerks or uncontrolled movements.



The vibration and shock levels can be adjusted from one (1) to ninety-nine (99). It is advisable to gradually examine the various levels to find the right one for your pet when using this training system for the first time.

This Innovative Dog Training E-collar possesses three (3) training modes: shock, vibration, and sound; with a blue backlight screen that is useful at night. The remote control has a long-distance of 800m with no interference. There are three (3) signal channels on the remote transmitter, which can control three (3) receivers of the same model. 

Automatic standby mode and storage function. It also has an adjustable collar size with a maximum length of up to 67cm, suitable for dogs of all sizes. The receiver has a silicone material that is soft and safe for the dog’s skin.





✅ INCREASES THE SUCCESS RATE OF YOUR DOG: When they receive clear communication about their undesired behaviors, they are learning how to please you. These achievements breed a desire to please you further. Before you know it, you will be successfully teaching your dog more advanced lessons and tricks.

✅ IMPROVES COMMUNICATION SKILL:Dogs need clear and instant feedback from their owners. Instead of yelling and being frustrated, this e-collar creates a bridge allowing you to communicate better with your dog. When your dog has clear and consistent communication from you, it takes far less time to train them. 

✅ CURBS CANINE AGGRESSION: Dogs that show aggressive behavior regularly can pose a threat. An e-collar lets you prevent canine aggression without putting yourself in danger. 

It works when you're not around. So your dog gets a clear signal every time it does something aggressive. This prevents dog fightsand even worse situations from occurring.

✅COST-EFFICIENT: These e-collars are one of the most affordable training devices. When you buy an e-collar, you can save money on dog school and other training investments.



70% of users say that our e-collar is easy to usedurable, and suits different breeds and temperaments. Some reported positive changes in the behavior of their dogs in as little as two days! If going outside has become a tug of war between you and your pet, it may be time to get hold of one of our dog training collars.

This Dog Training E-collar may not be necessary for all pets. But if you need an effective way to deliver gentle discipline, this might be the perfect tool for you. With them, going out with your partner will no longer increase suffering but become a pleasure, a source of joy and satisfaction for both of you.



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